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Exclusives and Freebies

For the free books on retailers, click on the FREE purchase links below each book. For Amazon, make sure you are clicking the KINDLE link (not the print). Also make sure you choose the correct country where you live and buy books. Otherwise, it will show you a price (which is really annoying and weird, but what can you do?) For the other books that are ONLY free for my subscribers, download them right here at the bottom of this page. Royal Quest is ONLY available to members of my readers group right now. You can find Times Nine and Ava’s Revenge for sale on retailers, but you should definitely get them here free below instead.

Free on Retailers

The Change by Teyla Branton

1. The Change. (Full-length novel, Unbounded, Book 1.)

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House Without Lies by Rachel Branton front cover

2. House Without Lies. (Full-length novel, Lily’s House, Book 1.)

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First Touch, Imprints prequel by Teyla Branton

3. First Touch. (Novella, Imprints series prequel.)

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If the above three ebooks aren’t free on your favorite retailer, let me know!

Free Only to You as a Subscriber

These next three books are only free to you as a subscriber to my newsletter. But first a word about how to download them. If you already know how, just skip to the links below.

First Way to Download (sideloading)

For computer apps, tablets/phone apps, Kindles and other reading devices

Just click on the BLUE RECTANGLE below each book for the ebook file you want (mobi for Kindle, epub for everything else like iBooks, Nook, Google Play, Kobo), download all the books you want to your computer, connect your ereader to your computer, and move the files over to your ereader’s “books” file (sideloading). Or, once you download the files, you can email them to your ereader.

I have created a short tutorial on how to sideload your ebook file onto your Kindle or Kindle app.  Note that if you use Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play or other epub reader, it is SO much easier. Basically, just email or download the free book to your device and open it. So the tutorial is only for Kindle apps and ereaders.

Second Way to Download (usually easier)

For tablets, phones, and Kindle Fires

If you don’t know how to get the mobi or epub files into your device, click on the Book Cave link. That site will walk you through loading them step by step. They even have an app that easily downloads to a tablet, reader apps, and Kindle Fires. It’s easier on Book Cave if you’ve never done this before (just follow the directions). It will take a little time to learn how, but then you’ll be able to download so many more free ebooks! PLEASE email me if you have any problems.

By the way, in the Unbounded timeline, Ava’s Revenge (An Unbounded Novella) starts before first full book, The Change, and ends after that book, and as it contains a few spoilers for The Change, you should definitely read The Change first, especially since that book is free right now on retailers. Enjoy!