Unbounded Novellas

by Teyla Branton
3 books Status: 3 books written | more may be added as needed

These novellas follow the side stories of different characters from the Unbounded series, and they take place between the original books. While these novellas are not necessary to understanding the rest of the series, the stories are not told in the other books, and they give depth and insight to the characters, especially Ava, Chris, and Stella. NOTE: You can now get a compilation of all three novellas in Protectors, which has become book three in the Unbounded series.

Unbounded Novella Unbounded Series #1.50

Ava’s Revenge

Long before Ava O’Hare became the successful leader of a modern-day Renegade cell, she had other battles to fight. If you’ve enjoyed the Unbounded series, you will love this extra peek into the events that shaped Ava’s life and made her a Guardian of Humanity. (Read anytime AFTER reading The Change, Unbounded #1.)

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Unbounded Novella Unbounded Series #2.50

Mortal Brother

Chris Radkey’s only job in the Mexican jungle is to look after the plane while his Unbounded siblings retrieve a desperately needed cure. It was supposed to be easy. Chris soon finds himself using every ounce of his Renegade training in a desperate struggle to survive. (Read anytime AFTER reading The Cure, Unbounded #2.)

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Unbounded Novella Unbounded Series #2.75

Set Ablaze

Things tend to explode when Blaze Vincent is around. Literally. But to save his people, he must be willing to take yet one more step over the edge. Enjoy this peek into Ritter Langton’s family. (Read anytime AFTER The Cure, Unbounded #2.)

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